The "red bag" ministry to the homeless in our area was born out of our congregation. Many within our congregation have struggled with addiction and some have been homeless. This ministry is dear to our hearts. We provide: wash cloths, towels, socks, blankets, male & female hygiene products, gloves, hand warmers, water, sock hats, and lots of love.  Most of the homeless in our community know that a red back pack means much needed help in on the way.  

NEEDS: Everything listed above. Get with Deaconess Tasha Jarman.


     BJ, his wife Laureen, and their 4 kids (BJ-15, AJ-14, CJ-12, SJ-5) are a special part of our church. We have partnered with the Lord to help them in the Philippines with their church plant: Fellowship Baptist Church.  Their ministry is a family event. They feed the people of their community both spiritually and physically. They are active and vital to their Mindanao, Philippines community. 



     Harvest provides a drive up food pantry to our community. We fill the outside pantry on Wednesday's and Sunday's. Some in our community, not associated with our church, fill it as well. We have seen kids, homeless, single moms & dads, grandparents,  elderly people stop and pick up a few things to eat. We have also seen individuals of various religions putting food into the pantry as well.  It is the job of all who have - to give to those who do not have. Jesus said "as you do unto these" we have done unto Him. That is why we do it!

NEEDS: Nonperishable food products, toliet paper, hygeine products, baby food, diapers.